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E-Learning Management System
The Key Benefits of iGnosMosys-Enterprise are:
  • Knowledge-On-Demand: Delivers Just-In-Time Learning. Admin, Professor, Supervisor & Student can access instantly at office, home or on the road, 24hours a day, and seven days a week. Training is available when & where they want & need it.
  • Time Multiplier & Cost Effectiveness: Professor can deliver number of courses at a time without travel time or expenses so they can spare more time to organize more courses.
  • Omnipresence: Authorization of Professor, Supervisor, Student & Location can be done without physical presence. Also Professor can upload courses & solve Student problems without physical presence.
  • Mass-Customization: Professor can quickly asses training needs, then tailor courses according to Organizational Objectives.
  • Decentralized Creation & Centralized Control Philosophy: This Philosophy provides for decentralized course creation and student registration. However, this is balanced by a centralized control structure overseen by the Admin and the Supervisor. iGnosMosys—E-Learning software suit enables to create Organize Structure where admin is a chief controller of the system who empowers Supervisor & Professor. Supervisor in turn has control over his students.
  • Measure-Track-&-Improve: It’s easy to set up new students, monitor their progress, & produce detail usage report applying different criteria's by drill down reporting technology. With the ability to create assessments Admin will know what employees have learned, when they have completed courses, how they performed & their level of improvement.
  • Breadth-and-Depth: Provides for simultaneous offering of Broad-based and in-depth set of courses to be available instantly given organizational objectives of a particular Client.
Salient Features of iGnosMosys-Enterprise:
  • Admin has full control over E-Learning System
  • Flexible, Fast & Convenient method of providing training
  • Web-based training available anywhere, anytime to authorized students
  • Easy & simplest way of conducting organize online training
  • Save Time, Money & resources
  • Implement standardized learning management workflow
  • Intuitive, Attractive & User-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Delivers measurable & tangible ROI in months
  • Online examination after completion course
  • Navigation Path: This orients the User to his location in the System and provides for an easy navigation to the higher-level links.
  • Login & Password protection enables secure access to the System
  • No additional software or hardware is required: Uses Shared disk-space on existing company server
Advanced Features of iGnosMosys-Enterprise:
  • Drill-Down Reporting Engine: Reporting Capabilities enables users to view report by applying different criteria. Our unique Drill-down reporting technology enables to create multiple progress reports.
  • Interactive Communication Engine: This special features enables students to communicate S2P (One-to-One with Prof (Private)) as well as S2S/P (One-to-Many with Profs or Students (Public)) Communication to solve their problems with the help of forum
  • Advanced Search Facility in Forum: Allows user to search content/messages related to his keyword, date-wise, topic-wise
  • Certificate Generator: Online Certificate creation & printing facility
  • IP Protect Technology: IP Protect Technology protects the Intellectual Property, i.e. the course content and tests
  • Grading Engine: This engine automatically & instantly grades the test taken by the student and provides a pass or fail grade.
  • Cross-Enterprise Management: Allows management of various Client Enterprises with access to different sets of courses