Indian Enterprise Solutions Market
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Business Opportunity for Marketing Global World-class Enterprise Software Solutions
Indian Enterprise Solutions Market

Istrat’s Strategic Research Foundation (SRF) has identified that the major problem today in the Indian market is the absence of a Structured Enterprise Software Distribution Channel (in contrast to the highly structured hardware distribution channel). This creates market inefficiencies resulting in:
Frustrated customers, who need the products & services;
Loss of revenue for the Enterprise solution companies;
All parties who could potentially be part of the distribution value chain.

The customers cannot turn to a preferred software products supplier. In fact they end up turning to a local custom developer for their business process automation needs. This is akin to reinventing the wheel and ends being a serious problem to the developer as well as to the customer since the customer is usually not able to provide a complete specification to the developer and the developer not being really savvy about enterprise-level software solutions and not too experienced with scalability, reliability, performance and security issues which are critical to most corporate customers.

IStrat’s SRF has done a study titled, “Indian Enterprise Solutions Market – Perspective & Trends”. This study shows that the Indian Enterprise solutions Market will be worth Rs. 10,000 Crores in next 3 to 5 years. However the actual Market penetration today by enterprise solutions companies is around Rs. 300-500 Crores. This can be attributed to selling exclusively or with major emphasis on direct selling by these companies. Of course some of them have been forced to take the direct selling route due to absence of mature enterprise solutions marketing channels. IStrat has set itself the vision of creating a professional distribution channel for marketing world class Enterprise solutions to the Indian & Asian corporate clients. We would like to invite you to participate in, contribute to & benefit from this initiative.


By becoming a iStrat Solutions Authorized Partner, you have the opportunity to represent the best worldwide branded software (suited to Indian corporate requirements) with world-class support to your corporate clients. In the growing market of enterprise software solutions teaming with iStrat Solutions opens new market opportunities. Enterprise Software solutions has become one of the fastest growing market segments in the industry. As an iStrat Solutions Authorized Partner, you can increase market to increase your revenue and profit potential. You can bundle your expertise to provide professional consulting and hardware solutions (either through your own business or an alliance partner) to provide a comprehensive Information Technology Solution—a powerful new offering to your prospects and existing clients.

Expand your service business and provide your customers with a valuable outsourcing option for maintaining their IT system. Providing Enterprise solutions gives you the added revenue stream of technical support and implementation services.

For information about iStrat see below and visit

If interested in addressing this great opportunity to participate in the emerging and crystallizing Indian Enterprise Solutions Market please contact us.

Let us remind you that this window of opportunity will close by 2004-05.

Who can participate?
The iStrat Solutions Authorized Partner Program is available to:

Professional Consultants
System Integrators
Hardware Vendors
S/W developer

who have a good corporate client base and a leading market share in their regional markets. Whether you sell complete hardware or IT solutions or offer management consulting or system integration services, iStrat Solutions can help you leverage your technical or business expertise and further increase your revenue potential.
About IStrat

IStrat Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (ISPL) is a Management & IT Consulting company, founded by a highly experienced & qualified team—predominantly consisting of alumni of top US (Ivy Leagues) & Indian Universities (IITs & RECs) and Professional Institutes (ICAI)—focusing on streamlining Enterprise Business Processes using Technology Enabled Solutions.

IStrat Solutions is a leading management-consulting firm providing market entry strategies and services to some of the top global software products companies.

With headquarters in Pune and representative offices in the US to co-ordinate North American and European Partners and in South Korea to co-ordinate Asian (except India) Partners, ISTRAT is at the forefront of Enterprise Software Solutions. ISTRAT Solutions identifies superior Business Process Automation tools from all over the world and brings it to India after a thorough evaluation by their Global software evaluation team.

Solutions products and services address the needs of today's Indian customers by providing them with world-class tools to enhance business value through BPA tools.

Contact details
Please contact, call, or email :
Mr. Manoj Gupta
Istrat Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Muktai, 2nd floor
Above Citizens' Coop. Bank
Baner, Pune 411 045.
Tel: (020)729 3906
Cell: 94220 10348
Dr. Vikas Gupta
Istrat Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Muktai, 2nd floor
Above Citizens' Coop. Bank
Baner, Pune 411 045.
Tel: (020)729 3906
Cell: 94220 09746
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