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E-Learning Management System
The Key Benefits of iGnosMosys-Professional are:
  • Knowledge-On-Demand: Delivers Just-In-Time Learning.
  • Time Multiplier & Cost Effectiveness: Admin/Supervisor can deliver number of courses at a time without travel time or expenses so they can spare more time to organize more courses.
  • Omnipresence: Authorization can be done without physical presence.
  • Decentralized Creation & Centralized Control Philosophy: This Philosophy provides for decentralized course creation and student registration.
  • Measure-Track-&-Improve: It’s easy to set up new students, monitor their progress, & produce detail usage report applying different criteria’s.
  • Breadth-and-Depth: Provides for simultaneous offering of Broad-based and in-depth set of courses to be available instantly.
Salient Features of iGnosMosys-Professional:
  • Admin/Supervisor has full control over E-Learning System
  • Web-based training available anywhere, anytime to authorized students
  • Easy & simplest way of conducting organized online training
  • Easy & simplest way of conducting organize online training
  • Save Time, Money & resources
  • Implement standardized learning management workflow
  • Intuitive, Attractive & User-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Delivers measurable & tangible ROI in months
  • Online examination after completion course
  • Navigation Path: This orients the User to his location in the System and provides for an easy navigation to the higher-level links.
  • Login & Password protection enables secure access to the System
  • No additional software or hardware is required: Uses Shared disk-space on existing company server
Advanced Features of iGnosMosys-Professional:
  • Drill-Down Reporting Engine: Reporting Capabilities enables users to view report by applying different criteria. Our unique Drill-down reporting technology enables to create multiple progress reports.
  • Certificate Generator: Online Certificate creation & printing facility
  • IP Protect Technology: IP Protect Technology protects the Intellectual Property, i.e. the course content and tests
  • Grading Engine: This engine automatically & instantly grades the test taken by the student and provides a pass or fail grade.