Business Case: IIIE Offering eLearning Program

Abstract: "Anywhere-Anytime-Anyone" training infrastructure is the mantra for the success of all organizations & enterprises in the era of the 21st century Knowledge economy. In the competitive world of a globalized interdependent economy the need to learn more is imperative. Virtual Learning products have gained importance in today's world with the invention of new technologies, better communication infrastructure, and rich content tools & Subject Matter Expertise (SMEs) availability. Corporates & organizations have realized the importance of learning and Knowledge management and thereby have transformed the organization to adopt modern techniques and communication technologies for learning on the move. As per research & analysis e-learning is a fast-growing medium of teaching and spreading knowledge of technical fields. In the past 5 years e-learning market has grown world-wide from 0 to $23 Billion and more. Several corporates have used it internally for training their staff; and Cisco, for example, has saved more than $54 million in training costs.

E-Learning can have an enormous financial impact on a business, but proving a Return On Investment (ROI) can be tricky unless you know what to look for. There are hard and soft cost savings associated with e-learning. Another advantage of E-learning is that it doesn't require the trainer to be physically present. This can be highly beneficial to an organization like IIIE where there is an extensive amount of intellectual property developed over literally hundreds of thousands of high-quality consultant man-hours but which is not giving the returns due to lack of trainers. With the help of an e-learning system IIIE can unlock and capitalize this huge intellectual asset without the bottleneck of a large number of trainers.

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