iStrat has defined its focus as Business Process Automation (BPA). This focus has taken shape in the form of the Business Process Automation Initiative (BPAI). The BPA Initiative has been taken up as a joint initiative by iStrat by forming strategic partnerships with companies from across the globe including US, South Korea, Europe and Japan, founded by alumni of some of the top US Ivy League Universities. These companies are led by highly qualified management teams that have a deep understanding of the business processes and functional requirements in various sectors, such as manufacturing, finance, retail, distribution and service industry.

This understanding has been crucial during the several implementations of enterprise wide solutions such as SAP and other similar systems, which the team has carried out over the years. BPAI aims to provide a complete suite of consulting services and solutions in the area of Business Process Automation through Technology.

BPAI Mission: The objective of BPAI is to propel growth & improve productivity of our clients in terms of cost, quality and delivery using Business Process Automation (BPA) Solutions.

We have endorsed from the customer's viewpoint-and are implementation partners for-several software products of leading developers, mostly, in the field of Engineering, Process, Manufacturing and Finance.