iStrat Strength in Implementation & Research

Due to the Trans-National Alliances under BPAI, it enjoys immense strengths which are unique to it. BPAI is spread across several nations, prominently, India, US & Korea. Further, we have associates in Japan, Middle East, & Australia and are in the process of establishing associates in various other countries or regions.

BPAI's sphere of influence covers most of Asia-Pacific, North America and part of Middle East and Europe. India acts as the base for providing expertise in Project Management, Business Process Automation Products & Solutions, Design & Development, Implementation, System Integration & Human Resources. US acts as the base for the North American Market with Marketing, Implementation & Technical Support as its main functions. Further US also acts as the base for strategic alliances with several global organizations. Korea acts as the base for reaching most of Asia-Pacific Market with Marketing, Localization, Implementation & Technical Support as its main functions.

BPA Initiative

Under BPAI it has formed strategic relations with some of the top product companies with products in this domain. The definitive concept behind BPA is to offer the best product in terms of price/performance in each category of BPA. BPAI believes in automation across the enterprise in a phased manner with the solutions assembled from best-of-breed in each category. The bridging between the solutions is provided by the Systems Integration expertise of iStrat. iStrat enjoys unique strength in localization, implementation and training.

Key reasons why Implementations Fail

One of the main reasons why several products with global brand value (usually derived from success in the US market) fail in other markets is inadequate understanding of the local work culture and business processes. Insufficient customization to suit the local business needs in most product offerings and wrong estimation of the importance of differences in implementation requirements in different business cultures proves fatal to most product implementations.