Enterprise Document Management System  
    Enterprise DMS

Application Areas

Archimed eDMS allows quick and easy building of applications for:

1. Organizing and managing general business documents and processes.
2. Front office applications - customer service in banking, telecommunications, utilities, transportation, etc.
3. Document repositories for quick document searching and retrieving
4. Automatic implementation and management of the quality control procedures according to the requirements of the ISO 9000 standard.
5. Managing the research and development activity in a CAD/CAM environment, including the project drawings and documentation life cycle.
Archimed eDMS allowing quick building of efficient solutions for collaborative document management inside:
Industrial Corporations
Design & Engineering Companies
Utilities & Telecom
Bank and Insurance companies
BPO Companies
IT companies
Government and Local administration
Non-government and public organizations.    
For Product Enquiry or Details contact archimed@istrat.co.in