Internet Solutions

iStrat core offering in Enterprise Technology is Internet Solutions. All the other offerings find a strong foundation in this.

Internet & Web technology is already entered into the 2nd or 3rd generation. It is imperative that all future applications be designed based on this perspective. It is clear that Internet Solutions provide a strong technological leap over Client-Server technologies.

There are several reasons why this is so. For any large enterprise (for that matter even for small & medium enterprises) Client-Server technology has huge time-lag in implementation. The sheer time taken to install the Client software on all user PCs goes into several weeks (or sometimes months). Again application of patches or updates to the Client software take a long time. Compare this to the ease of updating a Internet Solution. Updating an Internet solution typically requires only updation of the server software. The "Client" for an internet solution is one of the thinnest Clients possible-the web-browser and typically does not require updation. If it does, the average user can do it himself or this task can be automated easily.