Why iStrat?

It is well known that 40% of the software projects are dismal failures, 40% are a marginal success and 20% are a roaring success. What distinguishes the roaring successes from the dismal failures? The leading cause of failure is not technological incompetence. Rather they can be enumerated as follows:

Insufficient Functional Knowledge of the domain.
Not enough emphasis on understanding Customer Needs
Lack of in-depth Analysis and Design
Quick and Dirty Coding
No Thorough Testing Plan
Ignorance of Quality issues

iStrat's strength in delivering good custom-built software arises out of its distinguished team.iIStrat has several years of combined experience in designing and building Business Information Systems & ERP, SCM & CRM systems for Large-scale enterprises, as well as, SMEs. There are experts with domain knowledge of business processes of enterprises in the manufacturing and large-scale distribution efforts. There are team members with functional & ABAP basis expertise in SAP.

Apparently simple systems become a monster because of misunderstanding of the requirements. There are intricacies in the interaction of the order processing module and the product or material inventory module. There are issues related to the payment module where problems arise due to check bouncing, part payments or multi-mode payments from customers. These and similar business issues need to be understood clearly before embarking on the software development process

Further there are issues of performance which crop up when the software is being used by the customer. These could have been avoided by choosing the appropriate technologies in design & development phase itself. iStrat has expertise in carrying out performance audits and implementing performance enhancements for the online debt negotiation center of a leading finance company.

iStrat team includes ISO 9000 experts. These members help in guiding a quality technology development cycle.

A CISA (Control and Information and Systems Audit, USA) expert is also on our panel of experts. This ensures that the software has the appropriate data security and access hierarchy.

iStrat 's team consists of experts in Human Computer Interaction who ensure that the user interface is designed ergonomically and is aesthetically pleasing. Interaction Design is emphasized & Data access channels are designed to be efficient.

Computer Science
Computational Modeling & Analysis
Financial Modeling
Material Research