Strategic Research Foundation

To formalize our methodologies & approaches to strategic consulting we have formed the STRATEGIC RESEARCH FOUNDATION (SRF) to develop systems and approaches for performing strategic analysis and planning in various commercial, social and economic sectors. The SRF consists of prominent members from Academia (IITís, IIMís, International Universities etc.), Industry (Corporate Professionals) and Eminent Personalities.

SRF is provided direction by The Board of Governors which is a Trans-National Hi-Tech Community of Professionals with Social Consciousness and Strategic Outlook. The Executive Council--split into the Indian Council and the Overseas Council--interacts with various other organizations which work in related fields.

SRF carries out research and analysis in conjunction with various academic Institutes in India and Abroad on various commercial issues which are published or circulated in the form of reports. These reports can be helpful in decision making about business strategies in the appropriate market sectors.

A web site of SRF is being developed, which will be useful in creating awareness in geographically far-flung areas. A scientific, archived journal is also being planned for publishing on the Internet. Selected articles by SRF members are published in print media like newspapers and magazines (Wall Street Journal, Economic Times, Business Week, Business World, and others).

SRF's Relationships:
Pune Management Association
Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture
Indian Institution of Industrial Engineers
National Insurance Academy
Nation Association of Software & Services Companies
While at a broad level, the SRF has a very general approach to research and is more focused on macro-level strategic research, it also works on issues which could directly impact its Client's businesses through the Research & Training Institute.